Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Difficulty sleeping? You have a bed, a soft pillow, warm blanket, cozy room, but you still can not sleep. Disease sleeplessness or insomnia symptoms, may attacked you.

Caleb Adjei-Mensah suspect, insomnia is the effect of depression. For him, depression makes people hard to sleep. The cause of depression, there are various. External factors that are common are loss of job, break up, humiliated in public and others. Adjei-Mensah looks unhappy is the main theme of depression (Adjei-Mensah, 2011).

Stacy Foster filed a natural treatment for insomnia. She first proposed the change in sleep patterns, if  before you light a state of restless sleep in the dark, try sleeping with the lights on. Another thing that might be done, said Foster, not eating before bedtime. Foster stated that by not eating the blood content will decrease and it triggered for drowsy and fell asleep. Another thing that is said Foster, to make our room clean and fragrant, it can lead us to sleepy (Foster, 2011).

Leon Makojed, more to see insomnia caused by anxiety. So he proposed that calmness is the key person to sleep. Makojed in his article, suggested meditative techniques in healing. It is emphasized Makojed is to eliminate the burden of thought in the head (Makojed 2011).

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Sunday, February 26, 2012


For me, asthma is one disease that is unique. Asthma can be seen as an obstacle to the move or a challenge to set up or athreat that can be deadly. All of these can be addressed by anyperson affected by asthma.

Kinji L Go stated that the reality of people affected by asthma usually occurs in childhood. Go concluded that public opinion in view of asthma, they describe it from what is clearly audible. It is seen that people with asthma are definitely buzzing. Go looked at society in general suspected asthma can be affected by air andfor him it could be true (Go 2012). Debbie Davis explained the state of air that can stimulate asthma. They are mentioned by Davis are: lack of oxygen in the room, the dirty state of the space by air pollution, lack of air circulation in the room (Davis 2006). Adrienne N Bohrer more depth than what was said Davis. For Bohrer, asthma can be triggered by a room filled with air fresheners, pet dander, smoke or fumes from candles, dust and dust mites, smoke and the fragrance of perfumes and hair spray (Bohrer 2012). Another thing to realize for the Go is the cause of asthma that can be varied not only from the air. He explains the causes of asthma can be caused by genetics (heredity parents) or contracting (Go 2012).

It is important to us according to Go is that we must be alert to know the symptoms of asthma. Symptoms of asthma in general according to the Go is a cough that is usually attacked at dawn or late at night, persistent cough, loud noises every time your breathe, chest pain that feels like someone is sitting on your chest. Examine yourself if you experience any of the above, do you get? Awareness that the most important thing to Go (Go 2012). With that awareness, we can take action to deal with it.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swimming for your blood

Swimming can lower blood pressure. This is proven through research at the University of Texas at Austin. This research report published in the American Journal of Cardiology.

The participants are 43 healthy adults aged 60 years, they have high blood pressureor pre-hypertension. Pre-hypertension is blood pressure exceeds120/80 mm. The participants were asked to swim. During 12 weeks, the group swam three or four times a week, gradually, to be reached within 45 minutes. At the end of the study, the swimmers managed to reduce blood pressure systolic with an average of nine points. Systolic blood pressure is a number at the top of the blood pressure readings. In contrast, the rate of blood pressure in the relaxation group did not change. The average results, the group swimmers has a systolic blood pressure119 mm Hg. This figure is down from 128 mm Hg at baseline.

Concluded, swimming proven to improve blood vessel function of older adults and put a halt to blood pressure. Swimming can be risky because it is in cold water. That caused a change in hear tand vascular system. But most studies have shown that swimming is safe as well as a walk. Swim definitely can be a safe activity. So let's swim to the routine as needed.